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Please vive a brief description of the functions that your device performs.

What is the intended operational environment?

What are the physical dimensions of the product?

Please list the number and type of I/O cables used.

Please list all clock (oscillator) frequencies used in the system.

What is the highest clock frequency of the device?

This frequency has been:

List any standards the device has already been type approved to.

This certification project will be:

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Type of Equipment

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 Transmitter Transceiver (Simplex, Duplex ) Transmitter and Separate Receive Industrial Booster Wideband Consumer Booster Provider Specific Booster RF Amplifier
Other. Specify:

Is your device:
 Fixed Mobile Station Portable Vehicle Mounted

Operating Frequency Information

Transmitter Operating Frequency (s):

Number of Channels (Frequencies):

Channel (Frequency) separation:

What is the Bandwidth?

Measured at (ex. -6dBc, -20dBc, etc...)

Uplink Frequency:

Downlink Frequency :

Signal Protocol:


Other. Specify:



Other. Specify:

Output Power Information

Rated Output Power? , Measured at:  Antenna Terminal, ERP, EIRP,  Meters

Antenna Information

Number of Antennas sold with unit:

Indicate Antenna Type (check all that apply):

Indicate gain in dBi

Loop (gain: )
Helical (gain: )
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Rod (gain: )
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Bi-Polarized (gain: )
Circular (gain: )
Parabolic (gain: )
Sector (gain: )
Horn (gain: )
PCB Trace (gain: )
Chip Antenna (gain: )
Other (Type & Gain: )

If antenna is a loop style, please indicate the loop size.

Does the unit have a separate receiver port?

Where is the antenna mounted?  On the device On an outdoor structure Indoors

If the antenna is mounted on the device, is the antenna :  Integral External

If the antenna is integral, is it possible to remove the antenna?  Yes No

If the antenna is removable, what type of connector is used?  Reverse BNC Reverse SMA Other


NOTE: Please provide adapter, if necessary, to connect to either N, BNC, or SMA type connectors.

Power Supply Information

Type of Power:


  •  Single Phase
  •  Three Phase

AC/DC Power Supply :

  •  DC
  •  Battery

Additional power options or Accessories:

  •  Vehicle Adapter
  •  Battery Charger
  •  Battery backup

Type of Battery:

 Solar Power
 AC Power Adapter

Other Related Information

Will you also require environmental / climatic / dynamics testing on this project?

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